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Theatre Lighting Designer Mike Robertson is an Olivier Award Winner, Bibi Ferreira Award Winner and What’s On Stage, CATS and Olivier Nominee whose recent credits include Jarmen, Dazzling Divas, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, and Riot Act.

The show, thanks in large part to the lighting of Mike Robertson, is a treat for the eyes too.

Independent, Fascinating Aida

Mike Robertson's lighting serves to underline the suggestion of violence, implied but never directly witnessed, sprinkled with moments of unnerving darkness.

The Review Hub, Sex Crime

Cherish its glimpses of brilliancy originating from Mike Robertson's lighting

Broadway World, Sex Crime

If only a six star system existed for reviews. Mike Robertson's lighting would deserve it.

BBC World, Trolle

Mike Robertson deserves praise for his intricate and quick-witted lighting design that is essential to the fast-paced action, including the most thrilling hockey match youíll ever see on stage.

Independent, Daisy Pulls It Off

The lights flicker with some unseen power surge, Mike Robertson's spartan yet deeply effective lighting design casting deep shadows under brows, eyes and cheekbones, making everyone beneath the row of hanging lamps look gradually more skeletal.

Guardian, The Rubenstein Kiss

Even before any of the actors present joined in, though, we were also aware of other players in this splendid game: the miracle that was Mike Robertson's lighting design - a sumptuous feast of changing patterns and densities

BROADWAY WORLD, Honeymoon In Vegas

Bathed in glorious Mediterranean sunshine and sunk in shadow by lighting designer Mike Robertson

The Stage, Much Ado About Nothing

It's dark and it's broody, as befits Dickens' tale of poverty, wealth and unrequited love. Mike Robertson's lighting is a technical triumph

The Stage, Great Expectations

an elaborate impressionistic dance that moves at a stately pace beneath the stark shadowplay of Mike Robertson's lighting but which never loses clarity

The Herald, Great Expectations

It's a thing of beauty especially under the lantern light of Olivier award winning lighting designer extraordinaire, Mike Robertson who paints with light with all the wit and skill of Claude Monet.

Fourth Wall Magazine

The lighting enhances the production wonderfully.

Sunday Times

Beautiful and sympathetic lighting by Mike Robertson.

Evening Standard

Berkoff's production is all about the eloquent lighting by Mike Robertson.

The Independent

It's beautiful to look at, Mike Robertson's lighting.


The set is incredibly simple, yet effective and the lighting used to great effect.


Berkoff's direction borders on choreography in a stylistic production that makes storytelling its priority - subtle lighting shifts and a disconcerting soundtrack played live from the wings enhancing the tension.

Liverpool Post

Congratulations to Mike Robertson, lighting designer, whose lighting effects add so much.


The lighting adds magnificently to the ambience.

The Stage

Mike Robertson's imaginative lighting.

Theatre Net

The production design is appropriately stark; Mike Robertson's lighting effectively aids atmosphere without intruding.

Fourth Wall Magazine

The lighting is flawless.

Click Liverpool

If you have ever seen a badly lit play then you know how it can detract from the action. In Oedipus, Mike Robertson has got it exactly right.

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